Password Reset From Your Primary PS4

Learn the easy way to reset your PlayStation Network password using the primary PS4 for your account.

Watch this video to learn about resetting your password if you don’t have access to the primary PS4 for your account:
PS4 Primary System Activation:


  1. I highly recommend “arnoldbrexit” on I.G he’s a genius he helped me in recovering my Account and getting signed in

  2. My ps4 psn account was restored a moment ago by asaphacker1 on 1nstagram thanks to this genius for doing a good job

  3. Got my ps4 psn account fixed by asaphacker1 on 1nstagram I recommend this genius a legit genius

  4. So I changed my password through my PC and need to change it on my PS4, but when I click on account management, the only option I can click on is 'sign in.' it attempts a sign in and then gives me error code CE-41489-6.
    I did an internet connection test and all is well.
    How do I change the password on the system so I can sign in?

  5. I highly recommend “arnoldbrexit” on I.G he’s a genius he helped me in recovering my Account and getting signed in

  6. Hackkwizard0000 on !G is the best, he just got back my account very fast and reliable ….

  7. This helped a LOT i accidentally signed out of my account and had forgotten my password!

  8. Y’all r lyin I just tried y’all didn’t tell me I hade to put my date of birth and I was young when I got my PS4 so i don’t know what I put as my birthday

  9. Came here because I haven't used my PS4 for over a year and since I am signed out and my password doesn't work (which is really strange because I know exactly which one I had) and the reset password email never comes. There is no way to contact anyone from Sony to get help, reset password BOT doesn't do anything helpful so I am stuck here, thinking about what to do… maybe switching to Xbox could help in a long run?

  10. I legit changed my password and I know exactly what it is but apparently it is wrong, multi-billion dollar company and cant have a stable sigh in process SMH

  11. thank u so much. im panicking cause someone got on my acc and changed the password.

  12. Yo quiero recuperar mi cuenta de ps4 que me la robaron cambiando el correo y todos y el soporte en chile nunca está abierto siempre llamo y nunca me dan una respuesta los servicios de soporte no ayudan en nada 🙂

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