PANDA REACT TO HACKER/CHEATER IN PUBG MOBILE. Have you ever played against someone who is using a hack/cheat in pubgm (hackers cheater) What happened and how does it look for them? Well let’s find out!

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  1. I meet 3 hardcore cheaters(like this one) and 5 whose like trying hard enough to hide it. i actually have a video in my youtube account you can watch if you want.

  2. this is very embarasing for our country most of them are Indian. Blue Panda these hackers are from low class discusting and dont know English . Good and friendly wont do hacking

  3. I've encountered that before I was in Vikendi(Goroka) I was on the second floor proning……and then I saw an enemy from the ground and just started shooting at my……Like wth? i was proning theres no was they could see that….do my teammate revived my and I was back on my spot and the player still saw my…So I had to kill him …….The end……I hope hackers get the coronavirus

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