1. If you don’t have cellular data is it not gonna work when I’m out?

  2. Hi!!! I am wondering if You have to order 2 of them or just order 1 time

  3. you guys deserve so many more subs! love your videos, theg are so cute! much love and hopes for the best🌷💛

  4. I feel like y’all should be more popular on YouTube of course you already are but I just think y’all are too cute to not be famous already but hope y’all keep growing

  5. Where did you get them and how much are they? I know I am very late but I’m hoping you respond! Ily guys

  6. Whenever you're not connect to wifi and you're using cellular data. Will it use a lot of data ?

  7. Lets say for example, you have wifi and you send your vibration, will the other person receive it if they are out and with no wifi?

  8. Did you guys get it working? Do the touches send faster now? Just bought this!!! Btw, you guys are cute . Sorry for bothering💜

  9. Really want one but it looks kinda complicated to size the band to your wrist..is it complicated or no?

  10. I want to get one for me and my internet best friend but i feel like he would think it’s weird and i feel like i would always be the one touching the thing at 8 in the morning while its 6 and he would be asleep smh

  11. Aww you guys are so cute haha 😊 you got yourselves a new subscriber 💓 also I feel so cool 😂 you noticed me thanks!

  12. do you have to be close or together to set the bracelets up? my boyfriend is currently 6 hours away. if I mail mine to him can we set them up from that distance? Or do we have to be together?

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