Oukitel K5000 Review | New Android Budget Phone with Great Battery Life and FullView Display

Oukitel K5000 Review video(New Android Budget Phone with great battery life, big FullView display, 64GB and Octa-Core CPU)in English featuring K5000 Battery Life, K5000 Gaming, K5000 Camera review.
K5000 by Oukitel is a new Android Budget phone frok China like Vernee Mix 2, Doogee Mix 2, Maze Alpha X and more.
Oukitel K5000 complete specs: 5000mAh Big Battery 5.7″ 18:9 FullDisplay with Octa-Core, 4GB RAM, 64GB Storage and is running Android Nougat.

Oukitel K5000 Price:…


  1. Hi there, I'm considering to buy this phone, however, in the video I see an option called "wireless update", I have done research about it, and it apparently is a virus, is there an actual application called wireless update on the phone itself, preinstalled? Also, what is the responsiveness of the phone

  2. Hi, there are conflicting specs on the internet regarding this phones' wifi support capability, is this really a dual band phone like it can connect to 5ghz? Thanks

  3. how about the life expectancy of the phone itself, does it last like 1 to 2 years without issues?

  4. About time they used Snapdragon chips. Get even more battery life then and better performance, even with the 625, so never buy one till they have Snapdragon.

  5. Nice review of decent phone. Since software seems to be main weakness of many MTK phones, have you used Open Camera or other applications to improve?

  6. At least there is only one camera!! Oukitel seems to be a bit more reliable than the other small companies. They always keep it simple and cheap. Great review as always.

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