OP NITRO EFFICIENCY !!! 3* Sin R1 550 Multiplayer in Asphalt 9

Asphalt 9 Sin R1 550 Multiplayer
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  1. i don t know where to write a q and a video questions so i will write here what is your age
    which of the game you love the most asphalt 8 or 9

  2. u should make a video or link on where to get all these sick lad beats.

  3. Can you do the chrysler me412 max pro mp test in asphalt 8 please i wanna know if its good 🎂

  4. Another joke of the day

    Sin r1: i am really not to good anymore ima go to the gym to convince gameloft to give me another buff

    Asphalt 8 sin r1: Ahhhh, it feels good to be a a class king mp4/25 doesn't stand a chance

  5. Keep it up :D, btw I recieved free Class A cars from asphalt, Did you asp89?

  6. Says acceleration isn’t good*

    Me sees at start of race: Sin R1 550 goes to 350km/h in 3 secs* :/

    Drifting sucks tho

  7. This is most shitty car in A9. 85 nitro looks 77. On caribbean this car cry because of all three things.
    1. Very bad acceleration even worse than f12tdf.
    2. Just 3 second shockwave. what is this no improvement from before.
    3. Very bad handling.
    Edit : In cars which have bad bot handling and acceleration long shockwave is essential.

  8. The huarya of class B, but with worse accel and handling
    I think the laferrari accel faster than this :/

  9. He use the "runway" song twice. One when he is racing, and the other one is the outro. Still, keep up the good work. Love your vids

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