OnePlus 8 Pro Review // The New KING!

The OnePlus 8 Pro is pretty much a compromise-free device, finally adding in the highly requested features that have been missing on past devices. It’s kinda the king of Android… but that comes at a price. This OnePlus 8 Pro review includes performance & gaming tests, as well as a camera test with an in-depth look at photo and video modes. Please leave a like, comment and subscribe if you enjoyed the video.

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  1. Thank you for this video, very informative and well-done. You take very nice photos!

  2. does putting a cover on the phone take away the accidental touches on the side?

  3. One thing they missed that other major flagships give. Bundled earphones in the box. But still an excellent phone.

  4. Great video. Currently my only question is 1+8 or 1+8pro. Knowing that wireless charging does not interest me and that I don't take a lot of photos.

  5. Looking at this phone as an upgrade from my iPhone XS Max. I fancy a change from iOS and would like to know how easy it is to adapt. Can anyone help?

  6. How can you say it's the new king? Do you not see what is happening with the green screen and burning? I was going to buy it too.

  7. Hello canoopsy

    I am planing to buy one plus 8 pro but only one thing making me to think latest news about green tint and black screen…. Is these issues are sorted or not please give clarity on this…. So many stories are running in web but for confirmation I am texting you…. I think you will consider my message and give reply to me

    Thank you 😊

  8. Should I give it a second thought if I am getting the OnePlus 8 pro (12Gb RAM/256 Gb ROM) for $850?

  9. The onyx black of the Oneplus 8 pro is looks same as the Oneplus 7 pro
    mirror grey. For the unique look I ordered a red sandstone skin from gadgetshieldz

  10. The pre-installed screen protector from the oneplus peel off within a week or so.
    Everytime I've to spend $7 on gadgetshieldz screen protector for my Oneplus device to protect my phone from scratches.

  11. You should have at least mention what version u reviewing if it is the 8gb or 12gb ram version 🤦🏻

  12. Why nobody is talking about recently reported phone display issues like black crush, screen burn or green tint in oneplus 8 series….? I wanted to go for this phone but now I’m worried as some of above issues are hardware based,,,,!

  13. Do you know when it's coming out in Canada since the launch date it was out of stock I've been very eager to get my hands on it unfortunately I don't know when it's supposed to be officially released in Canada and back in stock

  14. S20 is better…performs and feels better. The look of the apps, and overall experience just seems more solid idk why. You just feel safer using a Samsung. Renowned company, more future proof, and better customer service.

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