OnePlus 7 Pro – How to Unlock the Bootloader, Install TWRP, and Root with Magisk

Root is one of the most popular mods anyone makes to their phone. Sometimes it’s not as easy as flashing a firmware. Today, Max shows you how to root and install TWRP on the latest OnePlus 7 Pro.

Fastboot files:
Install adb and fastboot:…


  1. This is single handedly the absolute worst root tutorial I've seen thus far ever since I've been into flashing/modding, which is more than10 years

    Cming from XDA ? Looks like you guys turned to shit during my abscence.
    Don't follow this tutorial, it's the best way to brick your device

  2. That's really a great info, I successfully rooted my 1p7 pro but when I torn ON wifi it's automatically keeps turning OFF, tried many tuts but nothing solved my problem. please help me out

  3. Root is one of the most popular mods anyone makes to their phone. Sometimes it’s not as easy as flashing a firmware.


  4. i got problem when i put twrp , i lose wifi and signal , i recover my phone with orginal firmware and did many try with many twrp and not work same problem everytime

  5. full of mistakes and really poor editing. Write the sources and files that will be used in description instead of going back and forth.
    Please don't make any more videos unless you know how to edit

  6. Thanks for your video and Is there anyway to recover the data after unexpected wiping of oneplus 7T.

  7. When I unlocked the bootloader of my OnePlus 7 and when I restarted my phone the stock wallpapers went missing and the current wallpaper was a new one that I haven't been seen before… Also some of the launcher icons also where different… What might be the reason for this??

  8. not cool: I followed every step in Max' video above until the step "fastboot flash boot twrp-3.3.1-4-guacamole.img", got the bootloader, chose recovery and then … TWRP did not appear, instead the bootloader came back and every option (Start, Recovery or Restart Bootloader) did the same = bring back the bootloader. Then suddenly, the device started the circular boot animation, somewhat slower than normal, and is stuck there since. Pressing power button forever does nothing, neither does power + up or anything else. Any ideas how to rescue that thing? Is there a way to switch it off or do I have to wait until the battery is out? And will that even change anything?

    Phone is a OP7 Pro with a build that has "BA" in it, so not the "AA" or "AB" Max is talking about in the video. I did the flashing via Linux (installed adb and fastboot via apt-get), and when I try any fastboot command now, the terminal gives me "< waiting for any device >", which probably means the phone is not responding via USB at all.

  9. This tutorial is so bad you messed up the steps but didn't even bother cutting that part out of the video, you just fixed it later on.

  10. With all the mistakes this guy is making does anyone else feel this guy is leading you to one big disaster? I haven't rooted in a long time, but one thing I remember, if you do it sloppy you better first know how to unbrick your phone. This guy is a Rookie giving bad lessons. Best advice here: RUN DON'T WALK AWAY! 👎👎👎👎👎

  11. DO NOT WIPE like he says u can do at 9:12, It will result in a qualcomm crashdump crash.

  12. I'm legitimately wondering wth happened to the XDA forums while left. I thought the members gave AF about quality. I rooted my note 8 and other phones. I looked up the tutorials and it's basically unorganized trash with people saying "It's in there" and being trollish in some occasions. Alot of the links don't work. As for the vid. It's trash. It's not step by step and you're all over place. If you do IT professionally I'd hat to be the person who has to learn from you. I get some of what's going on but that's because of past experience. This whole thing is BS. I actually used to look up to you guys. But now… I'm not looking up to people who put out trash.

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