OnePlus 6T Flashing Guide 01 : OOS to CustomROM

You have been heard… Here is the Complete Flashing Guide, which I have been using for the OnePlu 6T to get Custom ROMs Working.
This should Technically work on Phones with A/B partitions, but the links and tests are Specifically for the OnePlus 6T.

Links are as follows.

Full Unlock/TWRP Guide:
OP6T Full Stock Zip:
Recommended TWRP:
Get Magisk:
Gapps: …


  1. hello sir i dont relly know who to contact. I installed android 10 roms on my 6t im haveing a problem with it. The phone wo9rks mms works. However to get data to work after the phone has been turned off i have to take sim out and reinsert it. Can you help

  2. Did you flash the custom rom to both slots just like oos in the beginning? And same for gApps ?

  3. thank you so much for walking thru every step. this A/B slot stuff had me all messed up and following this verbatim got me working with Lineage

  4. boy you dont know how much i love you great series of video most helpfull love you bro

  5. you flashed rr on slot-A and Gapps on slot-B how does that work? Since the A/B partitioning scheme came out im really confused regarding flashing. I'd be greatful to you if you explain an answer to my question.

  6. I followed all the steps exactly and flashed dotOS, but it doesn’t boot into system. It boots into recovery every time
    Please help!

  7. Great guide, very informative! I do have a question though:
    Do you remove all fingerprints and/or patterns before flashing custom ROMs? I heard it might keep your external storage encrypted in the new custom ROM if you don't remove those before flashing.
    Also, your guide doesn't show the un-encrypted files after flashing, but I assume they are accessible?

  8. can I use other custom twrp? because my device already uses another custom twrp?

  9. Awesome tutorial. Since you know so much about different ROMs which ROM would you recommend for OnePlus 6T for daily use?

  10. Great video!,
    Can you make a dedicated video to explain about A/B partitioning scheme? And how custom ROMS are actually flashed in those partitions?

  11. I have been flashing roms for almost 6 to 7 years. But in my 6T i am unable to understand why these slots are present in the recovery. In the first video you flashed the custom rom in slot A and gapps and magisk in slot B. But in the second video you flashed the custom rom in slot B and gapps and magisk in slot A. Why so? I am confused.

  12. If I dont have a usb c flash drive, what should I do to flash oxygen os onto slot B?

  13. Do you install the rom again on the opposite slot ,or just gapps & magisk. Keep up the good work after watching all your Rom Reveiws I want to flash havoc!

  14. I flashed the official Pixel exp rom using TWRP using this method, the rom booted successfully but the storage was encrypted and i can't store anything or download apps. Please help

  15. wondering since i converted my tmobile 6t to global. I have to get it serviced so i need to convert it back to tmobile is this possible??? if so how

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