Oneplus 5T Battery Saving Settings and Tips !!

Battery Saving Settings and Tips for Oneplus 5T or any oneplus devices.


  1. hi thank you for these i follow ur steps but thid douze mode i cant find on my settings im using oneplus 5

  2. After using my one plus 5 (full time wifi) at a stretch 3 hours, battery percentage is 53 on oxygen 5.1.4 in spite of maintaining all of your tips for good battery life which are mentioned in this video. Brightness level was very low (almost below 20%) on the other hand 2 sim cards were enabled though didn't use mobile data (full time wifi) .. Is it normal getting 3 hours SOT (used 47% battery ) for browsing Facebook app( especially watched live video)? Please let me know.

  3. Can't see doze mode below advance reboot after activating developer mode. Please help.

  4. Good tips and tricks and it will work surely not even only for one plus devices also will work on all android devices…thanku

  5. Currently I'm using open beta 6 in my one plus 5t and there is no dose mode in developer options

  6. Hey dude, when I was on 4.7.6 I use to get 8.5 hrs screen on time without even letting my phone go below 10%. Now that since I've upgraded to Oreo 4 days ago I've been getting much lower battery life. Right now I'm at 64% with exact 3 hours screen on time. This is unusual. In terms of apps, I the only new one I have is "Metal" the Facebook app but that's basically like Facebook lite so it can't be that.

  7. amazing tips man ! been a lots of years fo android , still lots of your tips made me thinks about how many battery draining features i've been using ! keep it up !

  8. Good information but we closed de all features then why we buy da smart phone ?

  9. The background music in your video is really loud. Hard to hear your voice at times.

  10. Thank you for the video. It's really informative. I have one doubt. Is there any option to make sure that the media volume doesn't get reduced when a notification arrive?

  11. OnePlus 5 me 2x zoom pe photo blur hone lgta h or usse jyada zoom pe to photo pura blur ho jata h bilkul bhi clear nhi aate photos to iske lie koi setting h kya karu ise sahi krne k lie sahi hota h ki nhi

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