Ola Cheating Again, Double Price For iPhone Users, Regular Fare For Android Phone | Gadgets To Use

In this video we have talked about how ola is cheating people, you should know all these malpractices.

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  1. Bhai logo, share this video so that this goes viral and companies like Ola stop this kind of cheating. Stay tuned for a update as we get a response from OLA Cabs.

  2. They are biggest cheaters they charge anything this complaint shud go to higher authority and shud shut dwn this cheats
    They charged me last night 1183/- whr on screen it showd 430/-

  3. Lagta h ap toh samsung guru se book karna padega………….

  4. It’s nothing like that even I have iPhone 7 I really don’t feel they are charging us high because we have a expensive phone.

  5. How is this cheating? It is their service , their payment rules. They can ask for Rs 1000/km is they want. If you do not like it , then do not use it. Until someone forces you to buy something it is not cheating. Apple asks for triple the price for very less features but we still do not call it cheating because its their product , their pricing.

  6. roona aa raha h is bevakuf ki video dekha kar,
    network problem ki wajah se SEARCH nahi ho raha hoga, Ek hi Brand ke 2 phone karke dekh lo,
    DRIVERS ki tarha CUSTOMERS ki bhi ratings hoti h OLA/UBER me,
    that might be the reason for difference in rates!

  7. yes I have experienced they charged​ me extra the fare is double than airport

  8. base less…mai apna NOKIA 1320 SE check kiya aur redmi note 3………dono me price same dikhaiya….test fhir se kar ke dekho,,,,,,,aisa kuch nahi hai

  9. I think ye sab regulatory authorities Ko bhi dekhni chahiye aur in bekabu aur bhukkhad jaanvaron (Ola aur Uber) ki nakel kasni chahiye

  10. Chore hai ola cab wale saale haram ka khane ko chahiye inlogo ko ola ka boss bhi chore hai aur iska stafff bhi chore company bhikaari

  11. ola is really bad.
    i recieve coupons from ola almost everyday, but when i apply, it says "coupon not valid" ..
    i complained on twitter, but no solution… from that day i am uber's fan! which never cheated with me (atleast)

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