Official Resurrection Remix Rom on Xioami Mia1| Flashing Guide

Hello Everyone In this video I am going to show you How to Install Or Flash Resurrection Remix Rom on Xioami MiA1 without any fuss, bugs & error. Do watch the Complete Video.


-First and the foremost point, remove any kind of security/screen locks. Remove all the fingerprints & set the lock screen lock to none.

– Flash latest Stock Oreo build, along with it’s firmware.

– Download latest build & gapps.

– Boot into latest TWRP.

– Wipe —- Format Data

– Flash…


  1. 1st of all thanks a lot for making this video.
    I've some questions..
    1)How did u installed twrp permanently..? and is it safe to install it permanently or just booting into recovery will be fine?
    2) is there stock MiA1 camera pre-installed? And is portrait mode working fine like stock ROM? And if its not installed is there anyway to install it?

  2. Hey.. I cannot install any rom on my oreo in which gapps are to be flashed separately .
    only Pixel experiance rom is working coz it has gapps included.
    please tell me more roms with gapps included.

  3. Hey please install flyme os …..tell us ur review….i am big fan of your…..

  4. i am downloaded the file RR official but it is whyred and my mobile says it is tissot so what i have to do where i get it

  5. In TWRP, what partition I shall select? PSlot A or slot B?

  6. I installed rr rom as you told and I used it about 1 month, then I accidentally uninstall root from magisk manager….and then problem started whenever I try to open gapp it shows' has stopped'…. So help me brother what should I do now??

  7. Few questions..1. i am on latest oreo stock with no root no twrp no unlocked bootloader… So i have to flash latest firmware again ? 2. For getting rr default camera (gcam) should i use any magisk module or it will work without it ? 3. Is there any problem on rr rom ? Can i use substratum ? Notification coming on time ?
    And last thanking you for making these awsm videos…

  8. i have one doubt. after installing this.. will i get OTA update regularly?

  9. hi , nice tutorial man . i downloaded the latest build from xda but while trying to install I get a msg displayed in red that says"updater process ended with error : 1" . also my backup doesnt seem to be working , the phone boots into bootloader everytime
    Can you help with this issue ???

  10. Hi I followed your other video to install twrp and root, then while following this video i cant format data i get the error – FAiled to mount '/data' (device or resource busy) any suggestions?

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