ODROID-X Flashing Guide (Include Ubuntu Install)

Hello there,

On this video I’ll show how to properly resize the FAT
partition of your SDCARD for Android!

Hope it helps people 🙂

Download all the needed stuff at:

You’ll need.

VmWare Player

Ubuntu 32 Bits ISO

All of them at the link above.

1. Install VMWare Player

2. Create a VM as on this video

3. Boot the Live CD

With the SDCARD connected to your PC do this:

This Alcor stuff is my SDCard reader!…


  1. great guide ! So it's basically flash a VM Image into a MicroSD card, then plug it into the SBC ?

    Would this method work with other board like Libre Le Potato and Tinker board ?

  2. my OdroidC2 isnt starting up from the sdcard .. flashed the latest ubuntu version … what did i miss ……

  3. or you could use a mix of both win32diskimager and partition wizard 9…
    this can be accomplished on any platform, be it Windows, OS X, or the various Linux flavors.

  4. ciao, scusami ma non ho capito delle cose il dispositivo non utilizza architerttura arm……… sto provando a installare ubuntu su odroid xu ma non ci riesco puoi aiutarmi
    gazie 🙂

  5. I followed your guide, but after install, I didn't get the cool GUI. I only have the black and white DOS looking one. I put in my name and password, and it shows a $ and the blinking cursor

  6. Thanks Mauro i order Odroid-u2 waiting to come , i wonder if i can install Mint 13 instead of Ubuntu 12?
    If you have any link it will be appreciated ,keep up the good work with the Exyn-ux (Exunos Linux) 🙂

  7. In my opinion, if you have doubts, you'll be paying attention to what you are looking for.

    Also, it was provided that way so users have NO QUESTIONS about how to use VMWare Player.

  8. Thanks for the guide – however windows decorations and operations are too distracting, and completely irrelevant for the whole presentation. So I guess if you had made it in Ubuntu only it would have been better.


    How to install ubuntu on a Virtual Machine AND
    Properly Flash your Images

    Also how to resize the FAT partition of your SDCARD on Android

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