ODROID N2 First Look Amlogic S922X SBC – Overview And Android Test

In this video, I take a look at the all-new Odroid N2 Single Board computer powered by the new Amlogic S922X hexa-core “6 For CPU”
Hardkernle has a couple OS distros available right now.
I will be testing out the first Android 9.0 build Run some benchmark, test a couple native android games and give you my initial thoughts.

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  1. I am trying to build a better tablet, figuring on getting a good touch screen and just replace SBCs as they progress. I am considering between this SBC and the ODROID C4, leaning towards the C4 due to its 2.xGHz speed. Do either support resolutions at 1024×600 as most touch screens work at the resolution? Eventually I will move to a self-enclosed touch monitor that works at 1920×1080. Also, I am a fan of viewing PDFs on tablets, but so far most of my bigbox tablets tend to hang or get sluggish on PDFs. How would either do with a PDF viewer for Google Android? Thanks in advance!

  2. A luke warm reception from you in this review I think ETA. Early dayz as you say but of course I noticed you have overclocked your Pi 4 to 2.1GHz now.
    I need to see this baby overclocked too, then lets see some high end emulation. It's got to pip the Pi 4. I will opt for this one if it passes your review using N64, some Gamecube games etc emus. Bring it on mate!
    Good vids, thanks.

  3. How well does it run Android ver 7, 8…ect I'm looking for a board to run a wall tablet touch display currently its running a board with with a Rock Chip RK3288 and I can't upgrade past 5.1 I need at least 7.1 any suggestions? Thanks!!

  4. Would Android Auto run on this? Could it be connected to a car's USB input to run Android Auto on the head unit?

  5. Is this better than a Pi4? Mostly for Linux and emulators

  6. These things are fucking garbage. Got one and it worked for all of a day until the HDMI port suddenly stopped working.

  7. Would be awesome if you could show how to setup Linux with Wayland. I have some browser games I like to enjoy, and from what i understand the company that makes the GPU have stopped supporting X. In other words, they are focusing on Wayland. I have no clue how to install wayland, and trying to google it is .. well, shaving with a cheese grinder would be more enlightening.

  8. Awesome video, been looking for a better top box. could you do a video on the android tv port?

  9. @ETA PRIME Have you tried the newest version of RA? Runs Saturn, DC, N64 at full speed. I think it's time or an update video 🙂

  10. Hi ETA! What is the max. microSD size for this board? I can't find any infos about that. I'd like to put in 512 gigs. Would this device handle that? Thank you in advance! Continue your great work!!!

  11. Help.. Ive flashed several version of Android 9 to EMMC and all of them boot to the Android logo screen and never moves on. The Android logo brightness scrolls so I know its not frozen. I even left it over night.. Nothing! Board boots Ubuntu fine.

  12. i'm not big on android on non-touch devices tbh

    when oh when is that mali shit going to be proper supported in linux…

  13. Looks good on paper, like when I bought my pine64… I'll wait a bit till its proven. Looks good though! fingers crossed

  14. It's interesting that the 922 isn't faster in Cpu tasks than the shield tv because the a73 is about 40% faster in dmips per clock than the A57.

  15. This is the S912 sucessor, no? i was always disapointed that the S912 had 4 more cores and a better GPU but performance was almost the same as the S905.

  16. ETA PRIME: Quick question, could this run Hearthstone? Would really appreciate the response. Thanks a lot.

  17. Someone needs to take the s922x or the s905x2 and make a good handheld gaming device. There is an s905x2 Android dongle that is super small, and it would be perfect for someone to build a handheld out of. The s905x2 would make a pretty powerful handheld.

  18. can u please create a div mobile touchscreen mobile with this single board machine..

  19. Hi, Big fan of your show here 🙂 I am a teacher in the UK and as you probably know, money is tight in the schools. I know you are probably busy but I could do with some advise.I have moved all of the students course work to Microsoft one drive and Microsoft teams. This allows me to bypass the school server which seams to slow even the fastest computer down. I have been converting old laptops that I found to run a Porteus Kiosk  (Linux) this is great and secure, but I am out of old laptops to convert now.
    My question to you is….. what in your opinion is the cheapest single board computer that will run Microsoft one drive. I think ram is the issue as I have tried to use the pi 3 but it just is too slow. Can you help please.
    Thank you for your time and your content,Mike.

  20. Use the composite video jack to get a best graphic emulation and then show here in your Channel, I refer the RCA graphics output, try It.

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