Nokia Top 10 Upcoming Android Smartphone In 2017 – Price, Features & Release Date

In This Video I Had Showed You All The Nokia Upcoming Android Smart Phones With Rumored Specifications & Prize And Launching Dates. Don’t Take It 100% Correct. We will Also Mention About The Much Hyped Nokia Upcoming Android Flagship Smart Phone Nokia 8 AKA Nokia P1 and Also About Nokia EDGE, Nokia D1C , Nokia C1, Nokia E1 Etc.

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Name Exp. Price Exp. Date Budget…


  1. Guys, Before buying any Nokia Phone. Just remember that they are not the old Nokia team. They are actually they are Stealing the Goodwill of old Nokia just by using there name. In 2014 Nokia Sold themselves to Microsoft for a Term of upto 2016 afterwards they needed to renew the name but Microsoft Decided not to use the name and Continue there phone in there own name. And then some piece of shits named HMD Global bought the name in 2017 and started marketing. Few people who doesn't know the complete story and buying Nokia phones please stop. The Samsung, Moto are far better than these Nokias. and Small Startup Youtubers like you. Stop promoting this kind of things.

  2. yr pehle bhi itni rumours thi or aaya nokia 5 ,nokia 6 or nokia 3 ..teeno lower specifications.waale

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