Nokia 2 Tips & Tricks: The Nokia 2 is an affordable handset with modest hardware and a clean Android experience, but that doesn’t mean it can’t pull off a few tricks. Here are five simple tips to get more out of this budget blower.

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  1. Do you have any idea how to boost the volume on Nokia 1? The sound is not loud enough while listening to audiotracks.

  2. Could you explain how to make the alarm ring when the phone is off. Old models of Nokia could do it properly but on an android phone the alarm is missed when the phone is off.

  3. what is the fix for this phone when you can'y down load/send pictures? Anybody? help

  4. Nokia 2 game is free fire because it is 1 gb ram i recomment u to play free fire in nokia 2

  5. hi do you know if Nokia camera app has PAUSE button….I cant PAUSE my active recordings. Thank you

  6. Easily the most buggy and slow phone I've ever had. Complete piece of shit and money waste. Buy at your own peril. It is garbage.

  7. I have one….worst phone ever…I put it back in the box and tossed it into the cupboard…

  8. My name is sadhan chandra chakma. I baoght a nokia 2. I faced a problem. When I open a data connection. Then my mobile has hanged. At presently it does not open or close. Now what i can do

  9. Hi
    My question is about the otg capabilitie, a few clicks in the Internet and every time yes it has the otg option but when I tried my self it wasn't a success and the otg check app was also negative
    So do you have some advice for me
    Thinks for the tricks bros.

  10. Nokia 2 has to be the worse smart phone ever very slow performance heats up so hot u can't pick it up and the battery is crap

  11. Hi can u please help me I downloaded WhatsApp on my Nokia 2 it doesn't want to open after installing it continue saying what's up close help please

  12. Sir request Nokia 2 ma double contact no .kyu charts ha is bara ma koae option do plzz

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