NFC Hacking: NFCProxy with Android Beam

The purpose of this video is to present and discuss a particular topic that is related to my EEE 4994 — Ethical Hacking course with Dr. Faisal Kaleem in Florida International…


  1. what is the minimum range needed for a phone to access another phone? is there hardware or software available to increase the NFC range. you said only one phone needs to have NFC setting enabled. but doesn't the NFC enabled phone need to be the target phone, if the target phones NFC setting is disabled can someone still access your files through NFC?

  2. According to the presentation you use (blackwinghq com/assets/labs/presentations/EddieLeeDefcon20.pdf) you can NOT copy the credit card info to your device, and later on replay it on a pay station. You must actually use 2 devices simultaneously, where one reads the CC and another replays it on the terminal. Furthermore, my CC uses a Password at such terminals. I can't believe there are still CCs without a Password. Thanks for the video

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