Nexus Player: The Best Cheapest Android TV

With this nexus player, and many other brands running android tv, you can download apps, games, and emulators to play old school console games. I will make another video soon on how to get other movie apps for free and Nintendo emulators to run on your Android TV.

Of course this is also a Chromecast, so you can cast or mirror your phones screen on the Nexus player aka Android TV. Lot’s of cool videos to be made with this thing. It’s a great device, $50-$100 price range.

Get it here…


  1. What it miss is multiple usb port like a Android box, if not you have tu buy a lot of bluetooth new mouse, keyboard ect

  2. Yes its so sad to see Google discontinue it BUT, they have a 4k version now! so dont fret people,, He also didnt mention it has KODI preinstalled, Just add the right 3rd [pparty apps, ansd your watching stuff at the theater! theres video's on you tube tyhat will show you how.. rnjoy {ee[s! this is 1 awesome piece , plus theres a 100 on Amazon that run android and can do everything this one will. Apple killed off theirs, why would you of bought anything but a Droid box,IDKL < thie one is so easily hacked,, they even give you everythihgn you need to hackk it!

  3. Do you think I could run the Nexus Player and my LG V10 and connect to a Motorola Lapdock 500? It's such a nice Lapdock just sitting around collecting dust….

  4. ES File explorer will let you access your google drive, you didn't need to download the Google Drive app.

  5. You inspired me to buy this piece of tech stuff as I'm considering between Fire TV & Nexus Player.
    Can you also please make a review video on Kodi performance since I heard that there is a buffering issue while playing with wireless connection? Thanks in advance!!

  6. Another good and useful video!

    I would have liked to see how Google Chrome performed by Side loading it. I have a Chromecast, but have been considering purchasing a Nexus Player.

  7. can you do a follow up video of yours pimped out? and what other apps you recommend using on this

  8. I am kinda worried about your career. I think you have grown enough to slowly move away from free streaming services.

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