Next-generation web styling (Chrome Dev Summit 2019)

With new CSS features landing in browsers, and Houdini on the horizon, web styling has become so much more powerful than ever. In this talk, we’ll show you how to leverage these new properties and worklets to build fast, beautiful, and accessible websites.

Presented by: Adam Argyle, Una Kravets

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  1. today I had my first tech talk, and we covered little-bit about CSS Houdini. the response is crazyyyyy 🙂 I know those who hate CSS will fall in love. 🙂

  2. lol, i got so excited when i saw aspect-ratio, then it showed 6 red bars for no support on any browser

  3. Oh I just learned Una works for Google now. It bums me out that all these brilliant people are snagged up by Google.

  4. A lot of this looks powerful, but also very low level. I wonder how many devs would be willing to put in all the work for a notched button that won't work on a lot of browsers. Plus, are any features lost when custom painting buttons?

  5. This kind of cringe helps me calm down after a hard day of work. Thank you google…

  6. Material design is bad
    it's not accessible and it's not user friendly. please delete it.

  7. I think it was a major mistake to cater CSS/HTML to graphical design people instead of programmers. They keep adding more and more capabilities to CSS, which makes it seem like more cool graphical designs are possible. Instead it just creates a spec that becomes more and more bloated, and it will still not do exactly what everyone needs. Imagine instead if they had exposed the browser's layout engine through an API, and let us define the CSS syntax ourselves through Javascript. We could extend CSS with whatever stuff we need for each project.

  8. sticky looks amazing!! also backdrop-filter thank God it's finally here, I remember I had to use SVG and a bunch of clipping and stuff to do just that.

    Also properties without using anything else is great! No more "look back to copy the color numer from the top of the file" * -*

  9. {margin or padding}-{block or inline} ('margin-block: 1rem' for example) does not seem to currently work on chrome 78 or 80, and yet caniuse says both versions can use it. any idea why this is? help?

  10. I think like your audience didn't understand the importance of features you are showing them like they are not devs if I was there I would yell for each feature!
    thanks for your efforts and excitement for delivering this to us

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