New SECRET Method to Boost PUBG Mobile 10x No Root! (Low-End Device Settings)

“PUBG Mobile SECRET Trick to Boost FPS 10x! PUBG Mobile Low End Device Config Lag Fix 2019 (Gameplay) PUBG Mobile Lag Fix Cheap Android 1 GB RAM 2 GB RAM 3 GB RAM 4 GB RAM – Run PUBG Mobile Smooth 60fps on Low End Device (Extreme Graphics) How to Play PUBG Mobile Pro Tips & Best Settings – How to Fix Lag PUBGM”


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  1. Remember to NOT use a GFX Tool when trying to do this. You WILL get banned! This method is awesome because you WON’T get banned. Follow the steps in the video! ✌🏻

  2. hello my device enter in botloader mode help my plis

  3. My relosolution does not changes and it says something java.securityexception blah blah blah….
    Pleaseee help me

  4. Hi Im from Phillippine
    I Feel My pain Because
    My oppo a37 lagging prob. Pleasere help mee

  5. Bro after new version 0.17 pubg is unfortunately stopped.I restart my phone . Clear data and cache.but it is not open

  6. Man , you are the only who talks english , i got tired of hindi !!! A video hat does starts with hahduwjsudinsn sjisajjsjsidieiwlwjiq!amsksman({(@(@((;JJJJajj;;[~[¢×|÷€{

  7. for people that dont understand the numbers some where between x480 and x720 on a lowend phone will be bae for you ty for the like

  8. android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS how can i give that permission
    please let me know

  9. Can anybody tell me if this solution really works? However great job @ExxotikGaming

  10. I'm using samsung A50s it doesnt lag on pubg but I'm trying to make chinese version of pubg run smoother for some reason they only support Huawei Apple Vivo Specs instead of samsung I cant even get my fps to Extreme I can only make it to high so I'm trying to see if this works

  11. i ve messed up with resolution . Not able to touch allow to connect to pc.. What is the solution now ??

  12. Please help me
    When i change the resolution it says error bad size
    Pls help

  13. Guys this is 100% working because i have faced a lots of framedrops in 3gb ram device my earlier dpi was 560 which is costom an now i have big letters with 320dp but no framedrops i got constant Fps

  14. I trust this method and working sure cuz I understand 100% what it mean…but too bad I don't have PC to try

  15. when i enter adb devices then it is showing me adb server doesnt match
    what should i do

  16. Does ram matters? I think CPU is very matters because the higher fps the more cpu will load

  17. my phone is snapdragon 725 but in graphics setting i see only high-low
    medium low

  18. I tried this out with an Alcatel 7 phone I got from Metro PCS, the phone ran Call of Duty Mobile with a tonn of stuttering, I tried using all of the "Game Booster's" from the play store and all they did was make up more space. I tried this out and now I only get some stuttering here and there but its nothing too serious. If your really trying to play with good FPS id try this out!!! thanks!!

  19. Finaly found video that didnt start with Tartalang aham. Etc. All name english . But speak Indo,turk,hindi etc

  20. No devices/emulators found 🙁
    That's what it says when i put in command "adb devices" in "minimal adb and fastboot" software.
    Can't seem to figure out the ptoblem, my phone is connected to pc but it still can't connect to the software apparently. 🙁 help

  21. No offense to you exxotik gaming but i didn't watch the video cuz i knew what you were going to do and BTW another YouTuber has done this about 8 months ago.
    I've already tried it, this doesn't work at all my phone has a 1080p display 403 ppi and i even lowered the resolution to 720 p at 350 ppi it lagged more and frame drops aside ok the screen freezes while I'm playing and if you have on screen navigation buttons then your gonna have a hard time it's size increase to about 3x the stock size and it is frustrating i would recommend trying it out so you could see the disadvantages your self.

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