New Google Apps Hacks You Didn't Know About #2020

Google recently rolled out new features in Google Maps, Photos and Assistant. Here are some of the best features so far.

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  1. Please explain about the Nokia and motorola tvs screen bleeding issues

  2. "You dint know about" Not "You din't knew about" Cant have 2 past verb and preposition together in one sentence.

  3. Best part of your videos you give importance even to the background in every scene ♥️

  4. I am already using all google photos features but this video worth watching 😎😎 bgm seems new

  5. blur background is not there in my google photos>??
    is there any option to enable it ??
    i am using oneplus 6T ?@TechWiser

  6. I haven't got the 1st option (I have op7pro and every app is up to date)

  7. Hi Pratik, what variant are you using i5 or i7 variant of Acer Predator

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