NEW G910 Wireless Bluetooth Gamepad for Android iOS Cell Phone, Tablet PC, Mini PC, TV BOX

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  1. I wanted see someone use the controller on ios device I can see first hand how well it works.

  2. Hola amigo, quiero pedirte un grande favor, lo que pasa es que yo compre un control marca ipega 9021, y tengo un celular Iphone 6 plus, ya hice el procedimiento de conectarlo por bluetooth, pero no he podido jugar ningún juego que tengo instalado, sera que toca instalar alguna aplicación para poder jugar?? o los juegos que tengo no son compatibles con el control ???? los juegos que tengo son fifa 2015, modern combat 5, assassins creed unity, entre otros, por fa ayúdame con este tema.  

    Muchas gracias!!!!!

  3. i completely useless review. at least show the controller paired and working on an android and ios device as well as a pc game.

  4. Generic, boring, and tasteless. Overall I give you a C for reviewing.

  5. I just bought this a couple of weeks ago and I'm having a problem with it. When I connect the game pad to my IPhone 5s certain games won't play. I.e Chrono Trigger, Dead Trigger, Vay. I don't know what to do. Can you guys help? Thank you.

    do you think this will work to dead trigger(2)? to my  iPhone 4s? yes or no? 

  7. do you think this will work to dead trigger(2)? to my  iPhone 4s? yes or no? 

  8. 103-1461493-6485012. Here it is (again) I've already sent it to you in my previous message. When I tried to communicate with your people from geekbuying about the malfunctioning item the first time all they did was message me back and forth and with irrelevant questions and suggestions, the product was broken period, all I wanted them to do was replace it but they did everything in their power to avoid that so I gave up and took the loss. Now it know it seems like all you want to do is send messages and not do fix the real problem by replacing be broken part.

  9. here is the order number for the item i purchased that is malfuctioning and not working 103-1461493-6485012 is the order number from amazon for the minix neo x7, the people from china would not help me at all. i was told to pay sombody to update the device the it mignt be fixed. if it sayd it mignt need updating in the description i probaly wouldnt have bought it, now im stuck with it, and we were so excited to get it too. how can you possably help us

  10. Hi ! I just have the new Nexus 5 with the famous case "Ballistic SG Maxx", my phone case is compatible with your gamepad ? Thx GeekBuying !

  11. Hi
    I've got mk808b from your site and had to upgrade to finless rom 1.7 to get wifi connection working. I also bought Gamepad. I tried many ways but can't get it to connect to device and work properly. From android settings if I connect basic up down left right works…however inside a full action game it wont work…any idea??

  12. all of the products they sell have glitches and electronical failers. they just well could be selling all referbished products. there website only provides a international phone number that doesnt work period. Do not buy from geekbuying, because if it breaks they will claim total denyabbility

  13. GeekBuying are just your average scammers from China , if you buy somthing from them and it doesnt work properly they will not claim responsability and will try to assist via multiple emails and will never provide an actual number to call them to help the rite way, going thru that now with purchases of mini PCs.

  14. I have some worries, does it work on ipod 5 and if it does what games? I know dead trigger but that's about it :/ and I all ready bought it so I won't to download some apps right now

  15. How to setup for iOS ? Which button should I press before pairing?

  16. This review would have been alot smoother and quicker if she just said it's essentially an xbox 360 controller that connects via bluetooth and olds your phone

  17. So, i have one of thses….it works perfect for the android PC i have, however it does not work for the Nook HD+, though it connects just fine the testing fails to work.

  18. someone on reddit did, can't post URL as its pretty long, but he used elastic bands to strap it in place.

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