NEW 4G Android Dual Camera ADAS 1080p Mirror Car DVR for 2018 – Junsun A880

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  1. Can you record your conversation on this one I know the camera I have can I can turn it off or on I hope this does too that can save alot of people life just in case if someone get pull over it has audio to hear

  2. How would this affect Nissan's Around View Monitor? I'm guessing you cant simultaneously activate both cameras if this also contains a rear cam

  3. yes there are signal bars, card inserted is correct and use phone call is ok. my sim car 4G. Do i switch to 3G data? Do you think net work band is my issue? thank you for reply

  4. even my sim card has internet but mirror can connect to internet please help

  5. Hello,
    Wondering if you by any chance know what is the amperage draw while connected to 3/4G with one camera on for live/remote viewing. I will need to calculate and see if I can use it for about 8-10 hrs while in park, so that I don't drain my main battery and not be able to start the car afterwards. Need to know if I can run it in the conditions given from the main battery or have to connect it to a secondary 12V battery. Thank you for your time and effort.

  6. Good morning, Do you know the best "micro sim card" that can be use with it so that way when the car not running to keep track of it surrounding?

  7. I have this exact unit and I installed it recently but since I installed it on my truck the cable was to short. Now I have tried 4 different extension cables and I still cant get the rear camera to work, it keeps saying no signal. I need a longer cable for this, what specific cable do I need to make this work? I did verify that the original cable works because I plugged it in to test it before completing the instal.

  8. Hi if someone borrows a car from us can we watch live road driving while sitting at home with 4G sim inserted.. what maximum capacity of SD card we can use in it ..any after market sd card will work in it


  10. So so volume to low ada system donot work good car assitst only work if you have internet remote monitor too cable for rear camera too short I order 15 m

  11. Does this work without 'Network Data'? I have just bought one, it's very clever and has many options but getting it working for basic GPS and recording is seeming difficult.

  12. How do you adjust the time and date. Mine is 12 hrs ahead. Cant find for daylight savings or time zone.

  13. My car has Wi-Fi can I still use all the functions instead of using its 4G LTE connections like live streaming DVR functions?

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