Netflix's 'Sex Education' Plays TV and Movie Trivia | Exclusive Interview

We quizzed the cast of “Sex Education” on how well they know famous films and TV shows, and it was quite a challenge!

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  1. anyone notice that it was basically Emma and Ncuti answering? Asa barely sais anything, poor him.

  2. Freaks and Geeks and FNL, two of the best ever

  3. why would they show them an american football movie they clearly had no idea what that was 😭

  4. 0:36 She said "Véra" because that's the character's name in French 😉 Not a mistake just a French girl overthere !

  5. Not fair for Asa….alot ot these were girly movies which Emma and Ncuti would know about 😂

  6. Velma is called Vera in the French version. Emma is French so it's not really a mistake.

  7. Asa was useless in this 🤣🤣🤣🤣 if this was on video games he'd probably smash it lol

  8. Oh c'mon they didn't know "freaks and geeks". I love that show. One of the best shows ever. And "ghost world" is a great movie as well

  9. Scooby doo translated in French has some of their names changed and Velma is Vera. So Emma isn't wrong 😉

  10. asa is so awkward man, he has to get over social anxiety , i can relate to him

  11. If it was an anime version, Asa would get it right!

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