Netflix Quick Guide: How To Continue Watching On A Different Device | Netflix

Netflix makes it really easy to start watching something on one device and continue watching on another. For example, start on your Smart TV and continue on your iPad while you commute or wait for an appointment somewhere.


About Netflix:
Netflix is the worldÍs leading Internet television network with over 83 million members in over 190 countries enjoying more than 125 million hours of TV shows and movies per day, including original series, documentaries…


  1. This is incorrect. On every device that I have tried to continue watching the same thing on, it is not working nor is it even syncing to where I have left off. What is the issue here?

  2. It sucks i only gave acces to 2 devices and it always says too many device watching at the same time,this thing sucks

  3. Bro can I use one single Netflix account on two devices, like on my phone and on my smart tv?

  4. Well guys my dad got netflix 3 months ago I visitided it and took a liking to it so I went and bought my room a tv Now i don't want to pay extra dollars so i was wondering if you could watch netflix with 1 account and 2 tv's at the same time

  5. I watch Netflix on Xbox one but everyone I try to sign in from a different device it says thee is no such account with the email (email)!but when I use my moms email,it just brings me back to join for a free month!

    Help please!!!

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