Navionics Navigation Introduction and Tutorial

A quick introduction to the basic features of Navionics.

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  1. Informative video, can you please advise the procedure to connect the Furono F 150 UAIS to tablet of AIS feed.

  2. As a complete novice this is the only video I have found that was helpful. Thanks,for posting it.

  3. I just purchased a new Navionics+ card, I still am not showing Restricted Areas, Buoys or Fish Spots. I don't know whats up with my Raymarine E7D Touchscreen. anybody out there know anything about this E7D Unit? Its like nothing has changed from my old card.

  4. Can you sync this app to VHF radio with DSC to press mayday button and transmit coordinates to nearby boats? Thanks

  5. I have heard that some boats have been written off due to lack of information regarding incorrect reef depth on some islands.

  6. I deliver boats up and down via the East Coast ICW… I use this app on my Android tablet and it is FANTASTIC for REAL-TIME Navigation despite all their negative vibes in fine print against doing so. Don't believe me? Try it in parallel with your other electronic charts and tell me it's not as good or better. No I'm not a paid rep for these people. This video shows the NEW auto-routing which is worth every penny. You still need to punch in a few waypoints to guide the auto-routing so it keeps you in the ditch but it's not a big deal to do.

  7. What is the difference between the Navionics Chart and Sonar Chart and why do they show different depths/contour lines for the same area?

  8. Nice video thank you. Can you or any one else tell me please, does the app work out a course to steer taking the tides into consideration?

  9. where can i find what the differnt icons are for the boating position icon in the far bottom left had corner of the screen? i have spent 1 and a half hours looking for anything just on that one icon and cant find it in your help. thanks

  10. Thank you so much…This answered my questions and got me started on the right way…I can practice in Sarasota because we are not cold…Sorry just had to add that (:

  11. I thought the App works like my on road gps, but the map doesn’t move with me and I Have to keep moving the map. Is there a setting to make this automatic

  12. I've especially bought a 8" tablet to use this app, as I already have it on my phone, but would like a bigger screen. And a message comes up that this device is not compatible with this app.!!!??? Not good enough!!

  13. How do i keep the boat curser on the screen at all times. When i am using navionics app the boat goes off screen and i have to scroll to catch up with it. Thank you.

  14. How the He** do you rename a route? I look, I try, and your logic sucks!!! Why do we have took for such simple things? Please put a college educated person in charge of writing an adequate help file!!!

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