NativeScript Tutorial for Beginners – Build iOS, Android and Web Apps with NativeScript and Angular

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Use one Angular + NativeScript codebase to build native iOS, Android and web apps and learn NativeScript from scratch.

With Angular, you can already build highly reactive and engaging web apps. Wouldn’t it be amazing to use that same tech stack and knowledge to build real native mobile apps for iOS and Android?

NativeScript enables you to do exactly that!

Let’s get started in this video!


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  1. year 1950: man i hope we will get flying cars in 2020
    2020: can run android and ios phones on your computer

  2. Sir, i have an issue with WebView inside my WebView i have a form with an input type file which is not working means not browsing the files. File pick window not opening.

  3. Nativescript needs to find better ways of viewing the app though, the emulator is slow and hogs resources, whilst the phone viewer with Sidekick doesn't work very well. Needs a bit of attention to this area, then it will be good.

  4. Very good video. Just a remark though, at 2:10, I think you mismatched the flexbox directions. When orientation is set to "row" items are distributed along the x axis, not the y. It is confirmed by the example you show 5 min later 😉 it's of course a tiny mistake and the overall quality of the video is really high, congrats 😉

  5. Wow. it's so amazing I have ever seen yet. Basically Am .NET Developer. First I would like to choose Xamarin.Form Framework for Mobile App Development, even I have already build a Web App using Angular 8. With the help of your course about NativScripts, this will give me a couple of needful information to save my valuable time, cause our aim is mobile apps are the same look as a web app. I hope, NativeScript shared codes help me out.

  6. I am getting a weird issue where i am constantly getting the 'An uncaught Exception occurred on "main" thread. Calling js method run failed TypeError.rootView._closeAllModalViewsInternal is not a function'

    I am not sure why i get this and then dont get this every time i save and the app reloads. its completely random it seems like. any ideas?
    this is running on an android device emulator

  7. Button .btn global style in app.css is not properly working on iphone video streaming time of 1:52:07. How to fix this?

  8. i am a follower of your tutorials, and i toke 2 courses on udemy with you….i am very thanksfull. I need some help, could you make a video showing how to use a barcode scanner on nativescript? pleaseeeee i need it!!!!

  9. Hi max,
    How to do upload in nativescript and where it will store in local folder by using backend

  10. At 1:38:43 a <button> is being used. Does it recognize the html elements ?? Should it not be the nativescript UI widget <Button>

  11. Nice work! you always amazing man 🙂 hey can we get a course of electronjs with angular, react & vue ?

  12. after tns run android –bundle there is a new prompt. sync to playground (which i dont want since I want to run an emulator via AVS), Cloud Operation, COnfigure Local Builds, skip steps and configure build locally. Which one should I select?

  13. I would love to know how do you make such videos with your video along with screen recording at bottom ? Which software you use? Thank you

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