My Favourite Smartphones of 2019

I had tested a ton of smartphones in 2019 and here are some of the my favourite smartphones that I really enjoyed while using and testing them. Watch these full …


  1. So do you think the hype / fad of the pop-up camera has now come to an end or do you still think even in 2020 we would see a lot of phones with pop-up camera.

  2. Good evening Sir, is Samsung s9 is worth in 2020? Should you recommend it for me? I am a high end user and i don't need more triple or four cameras.Battery life is need some decent,would recommend for me to buy today Sir,Thank you I have been watching all your videos almost 1 and half years,you doing well good sir

  3. K20 Pro, I liked the most, It's veru Sleek and I m playing Pubg, its very sleek, i m surprised u didn't pick k20 pro….and full screen display is adding values to it… Pls comment

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