An excellent rom produced by a developer known as Coolio over on freaktab. Here we show you how to hack and install this ace android 5.1 firmware onto your MXQPRO S905 TV Box using Amlogic USB burning tool.

This firmware bring’s you the excellent Google TV Lean Back Launcher – This MXQPRO 5.1 hack firmware brings improved stability and the ability to run 3D game’s better on your device – Overal, this is far superior firmware than the stock firmware found on the MXQPRO S905.

S905 systems…


  1. My mxq pro 4k box not detected on burning tool console in computer , I tried many times with tooth pic method, no use. What to do now?

  2. hey guys, i need help to unbrick my mxq pro plus with logic board h234 v2.44. There are quite a lot of firmwares online but noone seems to be for my logic board, so if someone happens to have firmware for h234 v2.44 year 2018 that would be great ! Thanks

  3. I do like this custom rom, but it's not for all P201 boards…I flashed my MXQ PRO 4K…. BUILD P201-userdebug 5.1.1 – LMY47V 2016 5/30 test keys….. BOARD 9-09-2015 CS-905 MXQ V1.0 with this rom & didn't have any WI–FI connection (before and after changing date & time with wireless remote) & couldn't use the IR remote that came with it…Also I have a SAMSUNG chip not a reltec chip also 1gb rom 8gb store, So can you maybe help me find a custom rom firmware upgrade for this box….? A little help here please…

  4. Struggling to find the location of the actual download link after clicking on the link in the description. Please provide a path

  5. Unfortunately my box doesn't seem to want to reset with that button in the AV port.

  6. When i click on the link for the firmware i go to the freak tab main page. Where can i get this firmware

  7. Why can't somebody just use a USB flash drive? I have never found an answer for that question yet.

  8. help please, I would like to flash it but I can't because when I try to recover the TV box it is done automatically and is not recognized by the program, I am going crazy help me as soon as possible

  9. Hi , i bought a new MXQ PRO PLUS 4K . But the playstore apps not working with me. It shows the device is not compatilbe with this app. So what to do.?

  10. As with several other posters, the stock remote with my box doesn't work with this rom. My box has an S905 motherboard p201, the only difference seems to be that the box doesn't have "4K" written on it. The model number is: MXQPRO N. Any idea how to fix it?

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