MXQ AMLOGIC S805 Android 5.1.1 Lollipop Installation Tutorial Guide

Yes, lollipop is available for the MXQ S805 processor – All credit goes to Abdul_pt, rom developer from Freaktab

Please Note: Proceed with this tutorial at your own risk – This may not work on your hardware, this was originally aimed at the K1 not the MXQ – We enjoy experimenting with this stuff and it worked for us, however it may not…


  1. Hi, I need help. After installing the firmware my box booted fine to the home screen but WiFi is not working. When I checked the MAC for WiFi is also not there. Please help. Thanks

  2. installed on a mxv s805 it has a on/off button on top, it starts and can see the boot screen but i have to hold the on button. but keeps rebooting. edit so I reset my box and reinstalled this rom. then held the power until it booted, took a while. so now ///i am going to open this mxv and solder the power button so it is always on.

  3. I have a Uhappy H2 projector and it is bricked. My computer does not see it, the SD card method does not work and I have no manual because its so old that I can't find the recovery button (although I think its on the remote, but it tell me option not available). Can you help me out with some method. I'm going crazy with this thing 😍

  4. Hello, i'm having a problem with my box. I did all the steps and now i doesnt boot up at all. It stays at black screen. What do i do? How to i get my 4.2.2 android back?

  5. Just followed this and it's worked a treat. Turned an old useless box (that wouldnt even load YouTube) into a functioning box I can use in my sons room. Thanks.

  6. ALL its ok ,but only my remote control not work. any file to patch this? thanks 4 all

  7. Great this worked!! Thank you for the video tutorial. I have the MXQ Kernel 4.2.2. WORKS PERFECT!!!

  8. ok it worked but no wifi can i solve the problem or is there is any other file can be installed ?

  9. There are additional new files on linked you provided. My box stuck on the first logo "amlogic s805"… Won't boot TWRP, or even Android. It boots to Android recovery if I remove the SD card, and or remove recovery.img file. If I attempt to load Abdul's program through Android recovery>SD it doesn't work obviously. Any idea why red screen doesn't show up?

  10. Conseguimos atualizar a TV JVC LT-65N575 , com android 4.4.2 para 5.1, apenas não funcionou a wifi.

  11. Conseguimos atualizar,…… 4.4.2 para 5.1,………tv jvc LT65N575 de 65 polegadas.

  12. Hi, I installed this update and its always repeat the welcome and select language, after connecting to wifi comes back to this screen. and I cannot goto recovery mode hardware rest is now also not working. all i see is welcome screen select languange choose wifi and come back to same step. there is only always red light on the tvbox. Amlogic S805, Sumavision BOX.

    looking for help. thanks.

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