Must Have Smartphone Apps for Your DC Trip

Discover 8 must-have iPhone and Android apps for your trip to Washington, DC. Click *Show More* for download links and additional details.

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1. Metro apps – for using the Metro
My favorite Metro App is MetroHero, but there are many options if you search “DC Metro”. MetroHero can run in your mobile browser without a…


  1. We've been a couple years ago…didn't spend as much time as we wanted so we are coming again in June and can't wait to use these apps.

  2. Thanks for this! I’m downloading the apps I don’t already have so I can use them when I come to DC. I use Yelp a ton in my hometown…I’ve found tons of awesome places to eat that I would have no idea about if I didn’t use it. My hubby and I found some awesome places in Hawaii to eat at using this app. It’s probably my most used app.

  3. great video. do you have a metro app you like using now? metrohero is not on the app store. thanks

  4. City mapper was super helpful. I walked most places during my trip but the few times I did ride the metro it alerts you when you get to your stop which was helpful. Thanks for the suggestions.

  5. It would be awesome if you could update the best apps in the comment section. I can't find Tapit or Spotcycle

  6. Do you have any updated information for apps? We are Visiting DC October 8-13. We are staying near union station and just want to see the mall memorials and the museums.

  7. Thanks so mch for the tips. We are headed to DC for the first time this weekend. I wish we would have stayed longer now that I see that it's so much to do there! I hope we can book a tour with you!

  8. I know this video is on the older side but would I still need to download Spotcycle if I'm using the Capital Bikeshare app? I'm going in May for my first time to DC and am looking forward to riding the bikes around.

  9. We had an opportunity to watch several of your tips regarding visiting Washington, D.C. before went to visit.
    We found them very helpful and when we return for a longer visit, we will try to set up a tour with you.
    Thank you for sharing your expertise!

  10. I think your review on DC is amazing and one of the best! Please note Yelp is not honest and there is a lot of talk about how their sales team bully small companies and manipulate reviews based on if they advertise. I do not use or recommend Yelp anymore. Google and others seem fine 😀

  11. I can't find the TapIt app on Google Play. There are a number of apps with the word 'tap' in it. Is there a specific logo or keyword I can look for/use? Thanks!

  12. Hi, your videos have been very helpful. Thank you very much.

    I have another question, hope you can help. I'm coming from abroad and would need a sim for to use these apps. I've researched and found a tourist plan from T-Mobile. Would this be okay? What are your suggestions for being connected on the go? Especially for the ride hailing apps.

    Hope to hear from you and more power to you and your channel!

  13. trying to download the metro hero app but not found on the apple store. Is it still available? Maybe restrictions due to the region? (downloading from Europe) Thx for the great postings.

  14. Hubby and I have been in DC area for 7 months, and I definitely learned pointers on this vid. Thank you for posting!

  15. Is the NPS National Mall app available on android? Just curious since I wasn't able to find it…

  16. Thank you for sharing the apps in your video. I found city mapper and tap it to be the most beneficial. We were in DC for nine days and your tips were very helpful.

  17. Great tips! Love your videos and you were so right about Metro Hero! That app was a lifesaver! Keep up the good work!

  18. i was wondering do you know anything that can help a wheelchair user get around DC? I plan to visit in the next 2 months and don't know how wheelchair accessible the city is.

  19. Hey, just wondering if you know any other apps similar to "metro hero" that is available in Ios? Thanks!

  20. Thank you Thank you! I'm here in D.C for the first time. Your Vlogs are a huge help! I'm going to spread the news about your informative Vlogs. Thanks Man!

  21. Definitely downloaded the Smithsonian app after watching this video! Thanks!

  22. Never heard of the NPS National Mall app, but will definitely be downloading it! (And the Smithsonian one, and TapIt, RIP free space on the phone). Have you heard of the NPS Passport? It's a book you fill with stamps from all 400+ NPS sites in the US. Sounds like the perfect companion to the app!

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