MULTIPLAYER KING?! MAX Lamborghini Sian FKP-37 in Asphalt 9

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Music: (in order of appearance)
Speed Racer The Videogame Original Soundtrack

Recording info:
Devices: MacBook Pro 16”, iPhone 8 Plus
Recorder: ScreenFlow 9 / QuickTime
Editing Program: ScreenFlow 8

Still here in the description? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


  1. I'm not really interested in this car, not only I don't like how it looks but also there's the jesko GP going on

  2. I'm actually disappointed with this car. It's probably one of the glitchiest cars I've ever driven, plus it actually loses speed at some turns even with perfect nitro (I can maintain speed better with Veneno), and its acceleration gets weak when close to top speed.
    Also, the car's available only in green color and the decal is kinda meh. I would have to get the car to 2 stars to make it look beautiful.

  3. I wish the sian has black color because my opinion that black can make you almost invisible.

  4. This car has the Shockwave like the Evora and Veneno. I wonder if they are gonna change all the cars to this. What do you think about it Marf?

  5. i didn't like this car i was crashing a lot the handling didn't feel good for me.

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