Moto X, Samsung in trouble, and more! – Android Authority Weekly

Finally, the Moto X is here. But, not to be outdone, Samsung made it into the news this week by getting into some pretty hot water. Josh brings you this edition of Android Authority Weekly!

The written companion:

Nexus 7 (2013)



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  3. Even though it was built in the US, That makes me think why are all these other phones so expensive still???.

  4. wait homeslice not trying to be racist but are you filipino by the way i like the moto x

  5. Not to the majority of tech reviewers and fan boy techies. They'd never admit that.

  6. Thanks google for getting a start menu in my windows 8, thanks microsoft for getting MS office in android :3
    I just love google and microsoft over everything (not gay 😛 )

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