Moto G7 review: The best budget phone we've tried, hands down

The Motorola Moto G7 has a slick contemporary design, a “dewdrop” notch display, decent dual rear cameras, turbo charging, long battery life and a near-stock version of Android 9 Pie, making it worth every penny.

Motorola G7 vs. G7 Plus: Spec comparison:

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  1. It's $129 on amazon right now. With a case and all taxes and shipping it came to about $154. Crazy. Back in the day I think the G3 I got was a bit more expensive.

  2. Seriously u guys are morons the moto g7 optimo max is the good one not the g7 standard plus the moto optimo maxx is 130$ and gz is 100$

  3. I just bought this phone today 3/19/20 for 169.99 with a 64 GB SD card its a tremendous bargain at Under 200 bucks!

  4. I got the phone last night at $130, and let me say this is better than any Apple phone.

  5. Question on the G7 phone. Is there a way to turn off the Add Call feature. I notice when i call people on my G7 and i put my ear to the phone, my ear must be touching the Add Call feature and that takes you to my contact list. Then it starts dialing a number on my contact list while i'm talking to someone else. When you call someone on your G7 phone, you will see this Add call feature. Anyone know how to turn it off?

  6. Watching on my Motorola G7 but Anxious For the Motorola G8 Power to Release, I'm Definitely getting One' Motorola 💪😏

  7. The MOTO G7 can actually run games like Call of Duty: Mobile, which is surprising for a fairly cheap phone.

  8. Doesn't much about the phone when the majority of the comments are about the presenter

  9. I think I am going upgrade to the moto G6 or G7 I am getting tired of iPhones the battery sucks

  10. Great review – gonna purchase this great Motorola G7 at Wal*mart for a grand total of $99. Everything works optimally and works as it should. Winning deal with a new world order cellular phone! The graphics, storage and processing speed all scream solid, working hard and fast bargain. Gonna opt in. I'm running a Motorola G4 Play right now and can't say much of anything bad about the phone except the battery runs down too fast. Sounds like Motorola improved greatly on the battery in the newer Motorola G7.

  11. Still using my Moto 1st Gen from 2014, but it has heard me looking at G8 so is now acting up!

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