Moto G7 Power Hard Reset

Moto G7 Power Hard Reset


  1. What if we choose to delete user data only ? Like can we still see the photos on the phone for example ? And the password of the phone is still there after resetting or not ?

  2. i followed you until reboot system now at which point the phone went back to the "bootloader logs" screen showing "Start Up Failed".. any idea of what I can do now?

  3. It doesnt work for me for whatever reason. I press power and volume up and it stays stuck on no command.

  4. So, my G7 had turned on to the 1st screen (1:38), and i have tried recovery mode and factory reset, both not working, after I tried to turn it on normally. Could any of you guys help?

  5. Great job at helping an 11 y.o. do a hard reset after stealing my kid's phone. That bastard did the hard reset as well. Lucky for me, my kid's school has security cameras and caught that turd.

  6. We need more people like you. You've helped me out BIG time. thank you for this great video.

  7. Thank you! After a weekend without my moto G7 you helped me with your calm voice. I am German but even in English it worked for me. Thanks again.

  8. How big is this phone in the hand? I need a phone that feels good in the hand, gotta upgrade from Moto g5 plus

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