Moto G7 Plus Tips & Tricks | Best features explored

Our Moto G7 Plus tips and tricks guide runs through the best features of this Android Pie smartphone, showing you how to get started and get the most from your shiny new Motorola phone.

After talking you through the basic setup of the G7 Plus, we explore some of our favourite features including:

Customising your desktops
Using Motorola’s one-handed tools
Quick-loading the Moto camera
How to setup and use the Peek Display mode
Split-screen with two apps at once
Face unlock security


  1. I have this phone… However wish there was a way to change the default writing!! I've looked everywhere

  2. I love One Button Navigation in Moto Actions. It removes the capacitive buttons at the bottom. It increases your screen real estate.

  3. Thanks for the split screen. Forgot hot to use that. I have the Moto g7. I like the Dolby speakers too.

  4. Can the split screen be downsized to the moveable screen. A small square that can be placed where i it and still multi task. On the galaxy j3 achieve it has both options to split screen or shrink the shrink and free move it .also do I have to use the fingerprint to unlock and use or can I use a code to unlock

  5. i still use my G7 Play and it`s nice phone for the price πŸ™‚ only downside i have noticed is that: take more than 1 picture and chekk that they are good. some times the focus takes time to be good so. other than that it`s a good phone for the price(Norwegian user) πŸ˜€

  6. Question on the G7 phone. Is there a way to turn off the Add Call feature. I notice when i call people on my G7 and i put my ear to the phone, my ear must be touching the Add Call feature and that takes you to my contact list. Then it starts dialing a number on my contact list while i'm talking to someone else. When you call someone on your G7 phone you will see this Add call feature. Anyone know how to turn it off?

  7. I love everything about the phone, except for battery life. It won't last a day with maximum 3 and half hours of screen time. I wish they would have put 4000 mah and charge a couple of quid more.

  8. Have bought g7 play how do you make the clock bigger thanks πŸ˜πŸ‘

  9. On the Samsung you have a Secure Folder to put mails,photos and other important things in it. And then lock it with a code or swipe…Is there something like this for this Motorola?

  10. Hey, thanks a lot for the video. It did help me decide for this phone πŸ™‚ May I ask… can you link the photo on your phone background, looks amazing. Cheers

  11. Kool thanks bro, did you talk about the shake for the flash light? I love it, it's honestly so helpful.

  12. Questions, can you do edit on apps like when you do swipe up and there a multiple apps on it, can you do edit or somehow way to do it? It really annoyed me lots….I hate messy apps all over plac…

  13. Do you know what the circle time and weather widget is on the home screen? I accidentally removed mine but going into the widgets screen and I don't see the same one. The one I had did this cool graphic to reflect the actual weather!

  14. Ok, so, I want to watch YouTube videos of varying lengths and turn off my screen unless I don't like a particular video, BUT, I don't want my phone to have to unlock my phone every time I want to make a comment or dump a video. Right now if I hit the power button to darken my phone screen while I'm streaming YT to my Roku, my phone locks. Very annoying having to keep unlocking it.

  15. These are the kind of videos I really like!
    Clear, clever and so useful! Thank you very very very much!
    I’ve just discovered your channel, one week ago, and I will definitely keep watching you!
    Sorry if I made some grammar mistakes cos I’m from Italy.

  16. Hi. I've got a MR7g play. When I used it first the notification were blinking at my screensaver. I liked it bacause of my work it's fantastic. Then I changed something and from then it didn't blinking again. Can anyone tell me how I get this funny item back?

    I checkedy phone many times. I couldn't find. By the way thank for your video πŸ‘

  17. What music player were you using when you split the screen I can't find one aside from Google play music man

  18. OK, great marketing for Motorola, but… Ever since I bought my unit in the USA I cannot download photos with the USB cable from a cell phone. Lots of bla, bla, but it simply doesn't work. I tried with several cables. Julian,

  19. Very useful even for Moto g7 (not plus) owners. I appreciate a lot your ChannelπŸ‘

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