Moto G6 Tips: Best features explored!

We take a tour of the Motorola Moto G6 in this tips and tricks guide, showing off the best phone features.

Android Oreo has been boosted with some nifty Moto-only software, including Motorola’s face unlock. The Moto G6 also boasts fingerprint gestures, some slick camera features and complete customisation.

Check out our Moto G6 unboxing video for a complete tour of the phone:

Stay tuned for our full Moto G6 review and camera tests!


  1. I have the Moto z4 now do yk how to make the apps fit the screen? The new screen on this phone is big but it is cutting off one of my favorite apps

  2. What happened to quicknotes+ i need that got lot to move from old phone. Bought tracfone version

  3. When trying to dial a number the 4 and 6 will not work. Neither side of the phone to dial in that area are registering, very frustrating, the 1/7 or 3/9 keep coming up and am ready to throw phone against the wall…

  4. Does anyone know if this video shows how to move screens, change the order of your screens, in it? I no longer have that functional capability like I used to.

  5. Am I getting that old or is everyone auditioning for the fastest speech guy on the internet.. which btw, I understand very little of what hes saying.. Gues you have to be under 40…

  6. The mobile is throwing apps away in the background to save power. Does anyone know how to lock an app in the background so it always runs? Motorola G6

  7. QUESTION: When I save photos and videos from Moto G6 to Mac computer using the android file transfer app the photos and videos DO NOT retain date created data. They show as the date I transferred instead. That is a MAJOR flaw. Do you know a fix for this?

  8. Steve Mac – Just got Moto g6 – my phone fades to black about 20 seconds I have to restart phone . I have sleep set at 5 min. how do I remove or turn off this?

  9. Great tips, thanks. Please lose the 'music'. PLEASE LOSE THE 'MUSIC'. Cheers.

  10. Does the Moto 64gb have "mirror share" factory installed??? (Basically to mirror You tube videos or internet browser on my Smart TV)

  11. I put on a protective case. Didn't like that the volume and power buttons on the side were often hard to activate, it stayed activated… Did you know if you hold the volume down it goes to vibrate… Then turns off data. Don't care for that feature!
    Oh and not liking the stiff case buttons ended up breaking off my power buttons after a month or so. I can't win with flocking phones

  12. If you keep it flat and shake it left to right (vs twist it like he does with the camera quick launch), it turns in the flashlight.
    Doing it again turns out off.

    That can come in handy when wearing gloves. Note to self… Have a darn good grip on it…

  13. I had a LG G3, which crashed. Now I have the g6. But the annoying thing is, I can't work out how to mirror cast onto my tv, through my Roku box. How can I do this please? I assumed the cast icon would do this but, nothing seems to happen when I click on it.

  14. Worst Screen Ever Put On A Smart Phone… I Sneezed On My Screen And It Shattered!

  15. You forgot the double shake to turn on the flashlight and then single shake to turn it off

  16. Bruh chill you don't have to twist it fast as shit to open the camera. Like damn.

  17. when i turn on the one botton nav, the navigation bottons dont dissapear, what should i do?

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