Moto G4 Plus Power & Volume buttons Repair Guide

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This video shows how to repair Motorola Moto G4 Plus’ broken/not working/damaged power & volume button replacement.
Moto G4 Plus (4th Gen) power button not working?Power or volume button is unresponsive? The power button for Moto G4…


  1. Hey ,
    My power button is lost so what should I do ..
    From where I can buy it and how can I fix it plz tell me .

  2. pero si las teclas ya se calleron por si solas, debo de desarmar laparte trasera???? o solo tego que insertar las nuevas???

  3. You do not need to remove the motherboard – you can swap the buttons out easily with the motherboard in place. Much less chance of anything going wrong!

  4. funny thing, my old powerbutton broke and fell out, I just needed this to see if I just push the new one in or something more complicated. Thanks anyway, very helpful

  5. Good video… but I managed to press out the buttons without removing the motherboard. And reading below, I could have probably just pulled the broken one out with pliers and pushed the new one in!

  6. Thanks! Now my wife's G4 has nice new buttons, including a power button that doesn't pull halfway out!

  7. Dont take the screwed back off your phone unless absolutely necessary. I did and it was completely unnecessary. I put everything back together and pushed in the tiny volume button and it was as easy as that. Unscrewing all those screws will mean you wont be able to trade it in as its obvious its been opened. You may well lose some of those tiny screws and for some reason I now have a very hot area at the top of the phone
    Moral of the story……just push in your replacement button….its no hassle at all.

  8. Have I missed something. No video of motherboard being removed so wheres that ?

  9. Mine fell out at Heathrow Airport just before I boarded the plane. Couldnt turn phone off or change the data settings. I could see mega phone charges coming. Big search and found button in the carpet. Connectors had snapped so I secured button with Sellotape…Phew relief.,,Moral is, if in doubt …..Replace it… You may need to follow the vid as opposed to just fitting from the outside if bits have snapped off and remain in te phone to obstruct button operation.

  10. Well, in my case the power button of my Moto G4 got removed. I have purchased the replacement online and I just have clicked the new one back in place without open it all.

  11. Hi Guys!
    I don't know how to open my phone and the motherboard. My power button fell off and I need to replace it with a new one. Can someone please tell me how do I replace it with the new one?
    Do I need to do all the steps shown in the video or can I just buy a new power button and prick it in my phone?

  12. my moto g4 plus is no sound even in headset what is the problem and how its solution ?

  13. Just pull your broken button using needle or something…and You can fix a new button by just pushing that button in its place……..

    I did the same , it wont take more than 30 secs

  14. Can I replace it without fully opening the mobile if my buttons have not yet fell off. Please tell me how to do it at home.🙏

  15. mere phone moto g4 plus me display automatic off ho jaati h but mobile on hi rhta or thodi der baad apne aap aajati plzz hlp me

  16. My power button fell off. I got a replacement, so there isn't any need to open up the phone right? I could just stick it in?

  17. I really just pulled it of with a pair of pliers and inserted the new one in. No need to disassemble the phone just to push the buttons from the inside-out.

  18. I bought these set buttom, I worried about part of video where you put all accesories and board, I've broken some devices before for that reason, could you share a video where mention more detail on that part (remove and restore board, cables, etc.). Regards friend.

  19. I have a few questions on this
    1.I am using a moto g4 not a moto g4 plus will these buttons work fine with it?
    2.If the power button fell out on its own can I just push the new button back in and will it stay or will it just keep falling out?


  20. Make a video of how to repair the buttons of the Moto G5 plus, please.

  21. my moto g 4 plus both volumn and power button lost somewhere help me to purchase new keys

  22. Hey witrigs,I just bought Moto g4 plus camera lens from your website.Its really good.I have another query that my phone's power button has come out.Can I buy it and simply push the new button in?

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