mortal Kombat X hack – (/android) No Root required

Mortal Kombat 5:

Lucky patcher:

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  1. This works it took me so long just to find a working hack thank you for that you earn a sub from me

  2. I have to say I was very surprised that it worked. I have watched so many videos trying to figure out a hack for mkx and this is the only one that worked (the very first time I tried it) so this guy deserves all the likes and subs he can get. Because he didn't bullshit you or steer you wrong at all. And to the people that said "it requires an internet connection" you're not doing it right. Once you do everything he says, and the game loads it will try to sign you into google play, and it will freeze trying to do so. So what you want to do is hit the back button twice to ignore the sign in and there you have it. You should be able to get coins and souls for free. Thank's again! It's amazing!!!!

  3. Thanks Bro It's 1000β„… Works On No Root 😘😘😘😘, Lekin MKX I'D Kahi Block Toh Nahi Hojayegi Kyu Ki Mai Souls Bohout Daldiya.

  4. After you download everything and mkx loads up are you able to log in to your account

  5. but I'm not getting that N2:success in lucky patcher…what should I do now?

  6. I got a problem ,everytime I go on the souls store , the souls store won't show up

  7. I cant buy anyting they say koin and soul purchases require an internet connection. Can you help mee pleassss

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