Mortal Kombat Mobile – Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Mortal Kombat Mobile – Tips and Tricks for Beginners

going over some of the new content added,
things you should be doing to progress quickly,
what to buy/upgrade first,
early game team suggestions,
completing the final tower of the jade trial,
and unlocking the new mk11 jade character

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  1. Bro can u tell me how i do brutalities and fatal blow in this game plzzzz

  2. I got the anniversary pack for Rm 12.99 and got diamond jade which is really worth it get it if you're a beginner

  3. Im a beginner, and wanted to learn..not to be bothered by your voice😍😁😁😁

  4. I can beat your team bc I have klassic malina damage:7006 and lui kang flaming fist:6201 damage or more

  5. I'm returning to play that game cuz I got banned in my orig acc and I'm gonna start again lolzzzz… Btw love ur vids subbed for a long time

  6. Can anyone tell me,how to put protection/self guard when a versus,another player is hitting and attacking??????πŸ˜”πŸ˜•

  7. Does anyone have tips for people who are sort of half way through the game? I have a few diamonds and alot of golds and they're level 30+ but I want to max everything out

  8. Literally just restarting the game now after ages so great vid

  9. Downloaded today… Thank u for the tips… All I wanted to know is… Wat if I go high level… Will I need to spend money?? Taking difficulty in mind

  10. Its kindda ez to play if your really smart on understanding the game but difficult in the same time, The hardest is leveling up your characters i promise you its frustrating

  11. Anyone noticed this ? He's a wolf and he's fighting a vampire.

  12. I really hat hackers that use their skills to hack multiplayer games. If any of you on here are ones that were hacking this game…its not fair to the other players and you should be skinned alive for doing it.

  13. Getting the kenshi pack was very helpful considering I already had a kenshi, I WAS under the impression that fusing characters made them one rarity higher but I guess I was wrong, just an upgraded silver character

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