Mobile Apps for RV Travel – Our 2018 Essential iOS and Android Travel Apps

It’s been a few years since we updated our list of mobile apps for RVers. We just came off an extended RV trip for the winter season, and it was fun to see which apps we still love and new apps that have hit the market.

So here it is, our updated list of mobile apps we consider our essentials to complement our road tripping lifestyle.

For our full list with links to the iOS (and Android versions where available) – view our blog…


  1. I hate that I just purchased the high-priced leveling device! Thanks for all the tips.

  2. As always I enjoyed this informative video. You two do your research and it is appreciated. Thank you.

  3. Thank you for the useful video. To the viewers: if you have Android, don't bother looking up InRoute. All the reviews going back into 2016 state that the app is in Spanish with no option to change to English. Unless, of course, Spanish is your preferred language for mapping apps.

  4. Hi guys, Nice apps for a roadtrip.

    Got any advice for a 1 month prepaid data plan 10GB+ (to use on an iPhone)? We live in Europe, and would only need it for a road trip from NY to Miami.


  5. Hi! I love my free leveling app called CaravanLevel. It tells you how many inches you are off level on on four corners. Also, I use TowerFinder, also free to find cell and TV towers.

  6. Thanks so much for the information. I'm a newbie and it all seems very confusing when your just starting out. Am listening to many YouTube videos and well as reading your stuff. One question I have is: Sometimes when I'm using google/apple maps for my navigation I don't get any information. It just leaves me hanging. I don't seem to be able to connect to any internet while traveling. What is your best solution for me?

  7. Waze (acquired by google) better than google maps, it alerts you to disabled vehicles, construction, many other hazards.

  8. Another super helpful video from Chris & Cherie! Thanks for all you do. Gaia GPS and AllTrails help me decide where to go & what to do when I get there. Both are focused on hiking and help me, a self-proclaimed introvert, recharge by getting close to nature.

  9. I have a radio with 7 weather radio stations on it plus AM and FM. Never had a problem finding the weather. It also has a crank to charge the battery. It was put out by the Red Cross and it is called AXIS.

  10. I wish google maps would let you set a speed limit less than the highway department and then you could figure your time to your next stop.

  11. You’ve got to check out one of the features hidden in yelp… tap on “more” then slide down till you find monocle. Let it access your camera then as you pan across your surroundings it lets you know where the restaurants are and how far away… I love this when I’m in a town I’m not familiar with.

  12. Is there', or could you make a Uber typ Nomadic delivery/camp share app; for Travelers to link up for shared interest; like the movement of People: Places: and Things'. May you could call it "People: Places: and Things" LOL

  13. Thanks', I added you vid to the playlist  "Nomadic Style Suggestions"

  14. Great video! We have trouble finding gas pumps with easy in, easy out for our 27 foot class c. We pull a utility trailer behind it. Any ideas?

  15. Great list of apps. I have gas buddy and all stays.Thanks for the others. Happy traveling

  16. We like your Coverage! No Copilot? I thought for sure you had made us aware of it and I still like Copilot. More options for non-highway routing.

  17. I am really liking the RV Parks and Campgrounds app. Would have preferred Allstays, but don't own an Apple product. The RV P&C app seems to have very comprehensive public campground info (it included some smaller public campgrounds that were missing in the more popular apps) along with a ton of commercial campgrounds (just not sure how extensive the commercial listings are). Alot of the features can be used offline when coupled with Google Maps-Offline Maps which was its strongest selling point for me since we do alot of remote camping with no cell service. It has tons of filters, shows gas stations, and includes common overnight stay-areas such as Cracker Barrel, WalMart, popular truck stop. Also gives weather at each campground listed (with paid version). The only negative I have found is that there are not as many campground reviews as other apps, but there are enough other places to fill that void.

  18. Cherie & Chris, did you ever find a good app for storing customized points of interest for trip planning/routing? I remember you mentioned looking for one in an older video–I believe your particular need was to store subscriber or newfound friends contact and address info in case you are ever in their area to plan a meetup. I've been searching for one and all I've tried have had some limitations so currently making due with Google Maps-Your Places but was wondering if you've found one that you like that I haven't tried.

  19. I’ve been a fan of Weather Radio for almost a decade. I like that you can specify saved locations to keep track of what’s happening at home when you’re away, or at family’s houses.

    Allstays is totally worth the price, 5 stars.

  20. I use MapQuest so I can move the route around to hit points of interests and it gives me the mileage and the costs per mile (you can enter your mpg with your vehicle)…

  21. Outstanding video! Extremely useful information. Thank you! (thumbs up)

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