MIUI 12 impressions – 10 great new features + 2 glaring problems | iOS 13 copy?

MIUI 12 looks swankier than ever. Here are our first impressions.

XDA Developers

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Mukul Sharma aka Stufflistings

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Guide to install MIUI 12 by XDA -…


  1. Bro my phone is xiami mi 9t.when i play 2hours pubg it heating too much.what i should do for heating

  2. We can change the control center of miui 12 in settings if want to switch back to miui11 control panel!!

  3. I have a mi notebook pro 2018 model, I extracted the mi share app from 2019/20( I am not sure) mi notebook pro drivers and using mi share on my laptop for nearly six months, but after MIUI12 launch, first time I got an update to it, and now it got a new good looking UI. So it is not new, but first time public announcement and new UI

  4. You need to install, dell mobile connect, it's much better than microsoft your phone and is really very useful

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