Mirror Your Mac To Your Android TV

Mirror Your Mac To Your Android TV Sponsored By Air Beam TV Mirror any iPhone, iPad or IMac or Macbook to any device that has a google store. Subscribe!


  1. This is pretty cool stuff, especially if you travel around a lot with your laptop. Works great for presentations as well. Have a great weekend, Cheers Elric

  2. I downloaded the app both on my tv and MacBook, unluckily it didn’t work, it kept loading and at the end nothing, even thought it clearly connected to the TV

  3. Wow, this video could have taken 10 seconds…I was waiting for a tutorial. I all got was 1 line rinsed, mixed and repeated.

  4. i have both a 2016 macbook and pc… on pc its built in to mirror your screen to tv. i was trying it on my macbook and was like… wait what 😀

  5. ty man i just got it in my make and the Nvidia and working grant 👍🏻 i can even play moves without mirroring!! awesome 😍 keep it up 👍🏻

  6. is wifi needed ? I booted mine do to it removing dreaming for over three years in me.Day one with out wifi back to full color/sound dreams again.Weird but true.eathernet cable only now.

  7. Hi, its not really usable for working/editing because of the input lag.
    i wouldn't want to wait 2-5 seconds until i see my mouse move.
    For watching videos/movies it should be okay

  8. I am curious. Here in NW-Europe almost nobody has an Apple computer (the Apple phones form <14% of the market here), that makes it more interesting

  9. Haha if you spead 10 bucks just to eat only once a week. Damn that is hardcore :p

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