Mirror Phone's Display to PC & Upgrading/Flashing Android ROM without Losing Data

In this video, the technique of mirroring your phone’s display is used. When you have a cracked LCD and can’t see what’s going on but your phone is still working, this could help to let you backup your data before you send your phone to repair, or attempting to repair it yourself.

Not sure if this is necessary for all phones, but when you buy a replacement screen which is not original/genuine (for half the price), flashing of the ROM is necessary before the screen can start to work…



  1. I find this video a bit confusing, sorry…
    So… How do I see what is happening in my phone with black screen through the computer if the touch is available?

  2. hi, I am about to replace my p9000 screen too. Do you think it will work with android 7. Or Lineage OS?

  3. Dear, i replaced the screen and followed the steps to flash the device but the screen still isnt working. Any advise?

  4. I fitted a new screen. The LCD works however the touchscreen is not sensitive in only a small area of the screen. Will flashing it fix this problem?

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