Mirror Phone To Screen! No HDMI Needed!!!

Mirror your phone to your stereo with just a USB cable!!!

The Beuler SPA300 Adapter transfers the AV signal from your phone to your stereo using a USB cable. The adapter connects to the RCA AV inputs of your stereo and displays your smartphone’s screen onto the radio. Use Google Maps, Waze, Netflix, YouTube, whatever you want!

Beuler SPA300

Accelevision USBR USB…


  1. Bought a new Pioneer AVH-2300NEX and want to mirror my android phone to screen… My phone uses a USB type C , so i was confused on what to get..

    I thought Beuler SPA300 would work but i saw where it said it wont with a USB type C ????

  2. I want something like this but i wanna be able to use the radio itself instead of useing my phone! See how he had to touch the phone to move the map and flip through the home screen i wanna do all that on the touchscreen radio itself?

  3. It works but it won’t work on Netflix for some reason an if you unplug your phone it takes forever for it to read it again sometimes I have to restart my phone to get it to work idk why

  4. Can you use the touchscreen on the stereo unit to control Maps, Pandora, Spotify, etc.?

  5. Can you help me to figure out how to mirror my phone to my 2015 Honda Odyssey Factory screens? (Doesn’t have hdmi)

  6. in the most positive way, i think you're in the wrong job. You look and sound like you should be in a highly paid TV show or something 🙂

  7. In case car DVD has a single USB port with installed flash drive you will have to choose either listen music from USB or connect your phone? If so-no good option. Also the name of this video doesn't corresponds to description.)

  8. Thing that blows is that you cant control from the big screen so you keep having to look at the phone anyway. Bad solution. Better to install a cheap 7" tablet into your dash and install the SideSync app on your phone and the tablet which mirrors your phone video and audio WITH remote control. So you can plug in your phone to a microUSB and throw in the glove box and do the rest from the tablet. The tablet can be connected to your car's BlueTooth audio or line in.

  9. You did not even bother to explain in detail how the wirings be hooked up at the back of the radio to your gadget…

  10. That's so cool.Can you show me how to mirror the android to bmw factory???P,lease.

  11. Hi bro, I have Nissan Juke 2010 and iPhone X
    What’s the best option to mirror on my car screen ??

  12. Thank Goodness I both a $89 android car stereo I dont need non of that and it's more awesome then pioneer and kenwood Chinese shit is getting better and better and for the price. 😀

  13. Hi Why does everything mirror for me but NetFlix wont Mirror?????? Help Thanks

  14. Hi..in my Tiyota SW4 I have a Pioneer NVF9158-ZT04 from factory but only with usb and 3.5 Jack 4 points. No RCA inputs, No Hdmi…I tried to mirror my S8 connecting my Android via thunderbolt to an Hdmi-RCA converter and then Input to 3.5 Jack. All via AV in my multimedia, but when I driving AV is disconnected automatically. Could you please give me a hand..?
    Sorry for my english

  15. Do they have anything now that does wireless screen mirroring with touchcreen that mimics touch on the phone so I don't need to look at the phone. No Android Auto as its limited in my opinion.

  16. Can you believe these MFers don't have this shit standard. We pay all this money for cars and we can't stream or mirror as is? CUNTs.

  17. Great video! Is there any chance anyone can show me where to wire the power for the Beuler? Is it into the iso harness adaptor or factory etc?

  18. Just about bought it but it says it dont work with c type phones and of course what i got any info om what i need to get mine to work?

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