Minecraft PE Mods – New GOLEMS Mod – 0.15.6 / 0.15.X MCPE (Android)

Awesome mod for Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition)! This MCPE mod adds 10 new golems to your game! They are just like normal golems, but they come in different colors and will defend you against monsters! This mod is for Android and requires the latest BlockLauncher beta version! Leave a like for MCPE mods! Also this mod works on 0.15.X versions, I used 0.15.6 to record this. Hopefully MCPE 0.16.0 update is coming soon!


Download link:…


  1. This mod might be a little bit useless, but there are probably many people who just like having new things in MCPE, so I decided to post a video about this 🙂

    Also those golems vs monsters battles at the end were just for fun 😛

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