Microsoft To-Do 2019 | Full Tour

Last week, we looked at Microsoft To-Do’s latest updates. Today, we explore the full features of the To-Do experience, on iOS, and across all devices – with inclusions of Web, Android and Windows differences. This is a full Microsoft To-Do Tour 2019.

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  1. Hopefully this video addressed some of the questions of Microsoft To-Do?
    Let me know if you have anymore below. Happy to help!

  2. Hello. I LOVED wunderlist and I have spent about 4 hours today including hiring a great IT professional to help sync the Microsoft to do list to my Outlook calendar. I loved how Wunderlist would automatically populate items when you directed it with specific date information. Can someone please help me? Does this syncing the list with the calendar exist on Microsoft to do list? thank you. Jill

  3. Great app but I've just switched from Wunderlist and am missing one crucial feature. It doesn't create schedule date/time automatically while typing (for example typing in 'Buy Milk tomorrow 6pm' would automatically create task 'Buy Milk' that is set for tomorrow 6pm). You have to pick it from a menu manually which is annoying.

  4. Still way to 'send task to email' unless you want to be trapped inside Microsoft's ecosystem. I waited 18 months for updates and then luckily found TickTick: far more functionality than Todo, which I should be using by default. Less functionality than Wunderlist, sadly. Check out TickTick.

  5. In the ToDo can you print off just the steps of a task. In Wunderlist you could print a list of tasks as well as a selected to-do list within that task – can you do that in To-Do?

  6. Hi. How to reorder tasks in a list manually in a custom order I mean?

  7. You make lists and then you cannot share with your colleagues. WTF Microsoft. Are you joking with us? Completely useless tool.

  8. But… Is it as good as Wunderlist? I adored Wunderlist for years and am afraid to switch.

  9. Is it possible to allocate the amount of time on tasks? Let's say I want to do a task for 30 minutes.

  10. Late to the party- very good video, thank you.

    I'm wondering- is there a way to create a Task and include a Contact's information? "Call Charlie about double-secret" is a pain when I then have to go look up his number, make the call, and come back to put notes in the task of our call. Follow? Thanks again!

  11. Hello! Can you tell me how can I sort task in the planner section within the same day, or other days? Is it possible

  12. how about box with option to make a conversation with team? are they going to add this – for me it is one of the most important things in app, without this it is useless.. in this case Wunderlist is much better app

  13. What about tasks created and assessed within the tasks app in SharePoint? Are these tasks also showed in To Do? Thank you.

  14. The Mac version and iphone version is Very useful…But how do you export email or print your lists ….Wunderlist allows email and print… To do help suggests you can export all info from your microsoft account as a .pst file however not sure how to read or extract the list data for importing into another microsoft account online (not using outlook for mac)

  15. Hi Francesco, love your energetic delivery, awesome accent and amazing knowledge of all to do apps! Pardon me if these comments were previously made & I'm being repetitive. I had high hopes for this update (bc my employer uses Microsoft) but there is essentially no change. To-Do desperately needs color coding and a kanban view to be competitive. Many, many free apps have this. I typically juggle 6-9 projects and 40-50 tasks total. Many of my tasks are worded similarly and my priorities shift frequently. I need color coding and ideally a kanban view to highlight my urgent tasks.

    I could swear that Wunderlist originally had a kanban view in 2013 of 2014. I remember showing it to my then teenage son. I also swear that there was previously an app in the Windows 10 store called 2Do or 2-Do or 2u-Do (not the 2Do app from Beehive) that was very similar MS To Do but had a kanban view, it was a great app; the developer was hired away by Microsoft but he tried to maintain his old app. Why didn't Microsoft just incorporate that developer's features into To Do?

  16. My To-Do App for Android used to sync with Outlook. It has stopped. Can you review the syncing process?

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