MicroSD Cards – What You Need To Know!

What you need to know before you buy a MicroSD Card. Make sure you know the capacity limit of the device you’re buying for. If you move from phone to phone to phone to phone and the SD card isn’t being changed over the years, it will get corrupt. Here is your 101. I would do Samsung, MicroSD, But this price was hard to beat.

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  1. Sir can you answer if u are still active what if my phone storage is 2 or 4gb then I buy SD card HC 8gb its not gonna work ? And I can't move some apps on SD card? Or move some apps answer plss 🙏🙏🙏

  2. I wanted to review this video because I just purchased one of these micro SD cards. I got the class 10, 64 gigabyte because that is enough for me at this time.

  3. These youtubers always selling stuff only joking your video was simple and to the point and presented very nicely maybe other tech youtubers can cut all the fluff out and just do proper reviews.

  4. I'm using an HP 16gb class 10 microsd, do microsd cards make your device slow?

  5. So I have a Samsung tablet and I want to know can I buy a 512 gb micro sd card and use it to expand my tablet's memory space?

  6. Helpful video, thanks.
    Just bought a Sandisk 32gb sdhc but it says app download required. Had to delete files to make space for the app but it will not download unless watsapp is deleted. Am not doing that! That means I can not use the sd card. No instructions and no support from sandisk so will have to take it back to the store as I will not use the sd card until the app is installed. Will just have to buy another phone instead.

  7. Great job, easy to follow, I shared to my friend, who is not phone/computer savvy. Thank you.

  8. Blu vivo XL4, thanks 😊 I bought a 128g but it didn't work, I had no idea, thanks for the video thanks for the link.

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