Mi TV Stick Review: Xiaomi's most portable Android TV Media Player with Chromecast!

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✔️ Xiaomi Mi Box S:

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Looking for portable AndroidTV solution that is also affordable? The new Mi TV Stick by Xiaomi seems to be the perfect solution to always carry with you your favorite content. Supporting Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and many other streaming services,…


  1. Hi please feel free to watch my video on how to install any apps (Whatsapp, Telegram , WPS Office) in this Mi TV Stick. Transfer files between Mi TV Stick and laptop, means that we can transfer any APK to our MI TV Stick..


  2. How about the screen mirroring feature is it smooth like if I want to watch a video and mirror it on tv?

  3. I bought marq turbostream with stock android tv

  4. Das that work perfect to 21:9 monitor screen? Full screen to 21:9?

  5. Is there a way to add external storage to this other than a NAS?

  6. Does it have CEC support? There are a few apps not available on my Samsung TV (tizen OS) that need a seperate device for, but I would still prefer to only need a single remote for the whole set-up.

  7. One of the worst poor product of mi and poorest in TV stick. Waste of money.
    Poor voice Support
    Poor app store
    Poor quality
    Heat up issue

    Avoid Mi stick

  8. So it means this stick need a power adapter? You said you can plug the usb into the tv usb socket to power it?

  9. Did you try to plug in to car audio ? Hope you could share with me.

  10. Still second generation Amazon firestick is working great

  11. Does it work fully with voice control by Google home? If I tell Google home to turn on the TV, will it turn it on? Or if I ask her to play something and the TV is off she turns it on and play it? Like the Chromecast?

  12. Nice review ! 🤩
    I just would like to ask, why is that I can't see an option to switch my mi box s to 4k?
    Actually, i have an 1080p tv, i wonder if that could hamper the capability, that it really requires and detects if i have a 4k tv?

  13. Got one for my father in law old 1080p projector. Its good for that. But needed an audio splitter for the sound. It's good for the price. A little slow loading apps etc. But thats expected. Only problem I have is that it doesn't wake from sleep after a long time. And being connected to a projector I gotta climb to disconnect and connect the power again. A hassle

  14. If my TV doesnt have the wifi function to begin with because it's not a smart TV, does this mi Stick still work for me? My wifi connection at home is generally good

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