Mi Selfie Stick Tripod – Best Accessory for Smartphone Vloggers

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Buy the Mi Selfie Stick Tripod –

The Gear I use –
1. Canon 1300D –
2. E-Image Tripod –
3. E-Image Fluid Head –
4. Generic Lapel Mic –
5. iPhone 7 –
6. Lens Hood –
7. MacBook Air 13 -…


  1. I am not a fan of Mi smartphones…but I really like Mi accessories like selfie tripod, Mi bedside lamp etc ..they offer premium quality at a very good price ..

  2. I have this one but in grey/silver, the video is right it’s really really good. The battery lasts me 4-5 days of heavy use without a charge, it holds the phone very securely with the grippy silicone holder, and the tripod even stores the remote so it doesn’t get lost. The only downside is that it doesn’t extend very tall – only to about 35cm, which isn’t ideal if you’re trying to take a picture from a higher angle – putting it on the ground , makes the photo appear like it was taken from a very low angle. Overall would still strongly recommend! It’s a must have for any solo traveller especially if you want to be able to take selfies from a distance and not have to rely on strangers terrible photography lol 🙂

  3. It was funny when you said people look at you strange you should have seen the look on this woman’s face today here in small town England!

    She looked at me carrying my Selfi stick like I had just come down from Mars! …..LOL

  4. As I understand, the mobile holder straighten upto 90°, and goes all the way down..but just in one direction,right? ..say I want to record a shot on the tripod, with the phone tilting down, than how do I do it? Ofcourse with the back camera…this is a problem, also if I wanna pan a shot, then again, it won't turn smooth like a tripod….

  5. didnt show full length of stick, how it folds, height, size etc, showed video footage which is pointless. if youre going to review a product, then review the product

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