Mercedes-Benz C-Class (2019): Connectivity & Infotainment | Presented by MrJWW

Join car enthusiast MrJWW as he jumps through all the great connectivity and infotainment features of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class (2019). Subscribe to the channel so you get notified for new exciting videos here:

The C-Class has a new steering wheel with intuitive Touch-Control buttons, giving you full control of the interior’s systems without having to take your hand off the wheel. For added comfort and safety, the touch…


  1. I can not connect to carplay android auto. Very dissapointed.

  2. Tried this system today on FL Model and what a disappointment. The system in my 2016 model is great, this one was terrible, Unable to simply search music by a single letter, in old system if i wanted songs starting with S i could do this easily, the new one if i got o tracks and search S i get every song with an S in it. I tried searching artist, wanted elton john in 2016 go search, artist, E then quick scroll to Elton John. New system i have to enter ELT to get it in the list (This is done by scrolling back and forward and entering each letter.) Bluetooth Audio just did not work at all with Samsung galaxy 9+. Andriod Auto in the old un updated version worked much better. Overall i give the new system a 1 out of 10 (services guys agreed) Old system was probably best in market (Except for missing carplay and andriod Auto). mercedes i would love to hear from you

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